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Brian Lym (Hunter College), Ann Grafstein (Hofstra University), Maureen Weicher (St. Johns), and Monica Berger (NYC College of Technology) maintain this blog. Like ACRLNY-L, it is for announcements, not discussion. We will post only events and jobs that are related to academic and research libraries.

Subscribing: You have a choice of RSS subscription (look for the orange RSS button) or subscription by email. To subscribe by email, scroll down the right-hand column, below the index and RSS feed button. There is a form where you can enter your email address. You will receive postings once a day if you subscribe by email.

Submit events and jobs to:

ACRL/NY Events and Jobs offers:
*Browsing by category or geographical location
*Search bar located in the navigation bar at the top of the page
*Permanent and concise archives (All postings to ACRLNY-L after Oct. 25, 2006 are archived on the blog)
*Links to websites listing other events
* library job postings feed directly into the bottom-most part of the blog

Last Revised: 09/23/09

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