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Message from The ACRL/NY President

Greetings, ACRL/NY Members,
The wonderful Summer we had is quickly drawing to a close - It is now time for us to return our attentions to the beginning of the academic school year and for our Annual Symposium. However, I'd like to first provide everyone with a recap of the wonderful Ice Cream Social that was sponsored by the ACRL Eastern, Western and Metropolitan Area Chapters, and generously supported by Mc-Graw-Hill Corporations. The event was held Monday July 8th in the beautifully and festively decorated "Reading Room" of the Mc-Graw Hill Building on The Avenue of the Americas in New York City, New York. The Reading Room was located on the 50th floor thus providing attendees with a pleasing view of New York's skyline. While it was sweltering outside, attendees were cooling off with the deliciously sweet and refreshing treats provided by McGraw-Hill. Tri-Chapter members enjoyed ice cream sundaes of various flavors, including your choice of toppings, and a plethora of desserts from chocolate covered strawberries to oatmeal cookies.The Ice Cream Social had been in the plans since the 1995 ACRL National Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Ice Cream Social Committee deserves a round of applause for executing a wonderful event. Lois Cherepon of ACRL Metro and Rebecca Seger, Library Sales and Marketing Manager for McGraw-Hill were Co-Chairs of the Ice Cream Social Committee.

In addition, attendees had the rare and wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with Patricia Senn Brevick (our current ACRL President), Barbara Ford (ALA President-Elect), Carol Henderson (Director of the ALA Washington, DC Office), and Andrew Magpantay (Director of ALA Office of Information Technology Policy).

Door prizes were provided by Mc-Graw Hill and by Harvard Business School and were raffled off to a few happy attendees. In addition, McGraw-Hill provided beautiful mugs advocating their commitment to libraries - A wonderful time was had by all.

Looking ahead, our Annual Symposium will be held Friday November 22, 1996 at the Katie Murphy Ampitheater at the Fair, so please mark the date on your calendar and plan to attend.

This year we will be holding our Annual Business Meeting from 9:00 am to 9:30 am. If you would like to be brought up-to-date regarding your Chapter, please plan to attend the Business Meeting.

I am anxiously looking forward to seeing you all at our 16th Annual Symposium in November.


    Veronica L. C. Stevenson
    1996 President ACRL/NY

Last Call to Join the ACRL/NY Annual Symposium

The topic for the Association of College and Research Libraries, New York chapter symposium is "Libraries: The Heart of the University?" The symposium will be held on Friday, November 22, 1996, at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

The speakers will discuss the academic library as a physical entity, vital to the mission of the university, and the "library without walls" or the virtual library. The format of the program will be two keynote speakers in the morning as well as an afternoon panel of four speakers that will explore differing points of view in regard to this topic. Speaker will focus on budget and service issues, the effect of technology on scholarly communication, and the library's relationship within the university.

Arnold Hirshon, Vice Provost for Information Resources at Lehigh University and Richard Ekman, Secretary of the Mellon Foundation, will be our keynote speakers. Dr. Ekman has responsibility for many of the Foundation's programs for higher education and scholarship and has been a university professor.

The afternoon panelists will include Charlene Hurt, the Library Director at George Mason University; Larry Dowler, Associate Librarian at Harvard University; and Carla List, Bibliographic Instruction Librarian at SUNY Plattsburgh.

The format of the symposium will be registration and a morning reception followed by the chapter+s annual business meeting and presentation of new officers from 9 to 9:45 AM. ReeDeDonato, Undergraduate Librarian at Columbia University will moderate the symposium. The keynote speakers will each speak for approximately 45 minutes from 9:45 to 11:45 AM, followed by a question and answer period. Lunch at Binsky+s will be from 12 to 1:30 PM.

The afternoon panelists will speak from 1:30 to 3 PM. From 3 to 3:30 PM there will be audience discussion with the panelists followed by a wine and cheese reception.All are welcome to attend. The cost of pre-registration fees are $35 for ACRL/NY members and $45 for non-members. All ACRL/NY members have been mailed registration forms. All registrants may enter a drawing to win free registration to ACRL/National in Nashville.

    Karen Venturella
    ACRL/NY Vice-President

Nomination Ballots

Nomination ballots have been mailed to members. Watch for yours and VOTE!

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Tour of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Despite Cold Spring Harbor's full summer schedule of seminars, classes and visiting scientists from all over the world, Margaret Henderson, Head of Library Services for the Laboratory graciously consented to conduct a tour for the ACRL/Long Island Section on June 20th. Highlights of the tour included a video of the facility describing the research it supports, a visit to the library, and a walking tour of the well-maintained grounds where historical buildings blend with newer structures.

Since we were a small group, Margaret was able to arrange laboratory visits with two scientists. One visit was with Rob Martienssen who discussed his research in plant genetics for the purpose of reducing the use of pesticides in the environment.

Next, we visited Spencer Teplin in his DNA/RNA lab where he discussed synthetic DNA and demonstrated a computerized Gene Amp Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) system that he said, is also used in forensics.

The tour ended with light refreshments and all agreed it was an interesting and enjoyable afternoon.

    Bellinda Wise
    Chair, Long Island Section

Ice Cream Social at ALA A Resounding Success

"The" event of the ALA Conference in NYC this summer was the ACRL/NY Tri-Chapters Ice Cream Social. McGraw-Hill sponsored the party on the 50th floor of their Corporate Headquarters, in their elegant Reading Room, which was beautifully decorated with dozens of colorful helium balloons suspended from the ceiling with streamers hanging down touching the heads of the crowd below.

Fresh floral arrangements, pink roses and white carnations, decorated the linen covered tables. A hot air popcorn machine added to the festive mood. Chocolate covered strawberries were served by waiters and two ice cream bars were available where vanilla and chocolate ice cream and rainbow sherbet were served in glass goblets. There was also a table of goodies in the center of the banquet room and cold drinks & coffee (hot, iced, and flavored) were available.

In addition to providing coffee mugs to all attendees, McGraw- Hill presented 5 door prizes. The winners were as follows: Shoshana Kaufmann, Queens College Library - won a $100 gift certificate for McGraw-Hill books; Marsha Spiegelman, Nassau Community College Library - won chocolates boxed in a decorative "book," Barbara Walton, Schenectady County Community College and Jime Simonis, LeMoyne College both won tote bags filled with various items from Harvard Business School Publishers; and Carl Theresa, Informatica - won a McGraw-Hill tote filled with a cap, a travel mug, tee shirt, etc...Two prizes were won by Metro Chapter members, two by Eastern Chapter members, and one by a vendor.

Lois Cherepon, Co-Chair of the Social, presented Mr. Bob McGraw with a plaque thanking the McGraw-Hill Companies for sponsoring this lavish event. ACRL/NY Metro President, Veronica Stevenson, assisted with the prize drawings. Barbara Durniak, President of ACRL/NY Eastern Chapter invited all the Metro members to our Co-Sponsored Spring Symposium, "New York's Academic Libraries Collaborating for the Future," to be held at SUNY New Paltz on Friday, March 21, 1997. Watch the newsletter and listserv for details.

Those of you who attended also know that in addition to over 180 guests from the chapters, some special guests also attended, including: Pat Breivik, ACRL President, Barbara Ford, President- Elect of ALA, Carol Henderson, Executive Director, ALA Washington, D.C. Office, and Andrew Magpantay, Director ALA Office of Information Technology Policy, Washington, D.C. Many, many thanks to McGraw-Hill and especially to Rebecca Seger, Library Sales & Marketing Manager at McGraw-Hill. Rebecca was Co-Chair of this event and the person responsible for all the wonderful on-site arrangements.

Also many thanks to Ice Cream Social Planning Committee members, from the Metro Chapter - Harriet Hagenbruch, Norman Jung, Shoshana Kaufmann, Kathy Killoran, Charlotte Moslander, Debbie Randorf, Marilyn Rosenthal, Veronica Stevenson, Sharon Swacker, Karen Venturella, and Belinda Wise; from the Eastern Chapter - Eileen Allen, Inga Barnello, Barbara Durniak, Lynne King, Carla List, and Jane Subramanian; and from the Western Chapter - Linda Coppola and Shabrian Rahman.

The room was elegant, the refreshments were a welcome relief from the hot July weather, and the crowd was extremely sociable. We even had a spectacular thunder storm & lightening display to entertain us during the festivities. Can't wait till ALA is in the Big Apple again!

    Lois Cherepon, ACRL/NY
    Immediate Past-President

Spring Symposium Set For New Paltz

The Metro and Eastern ACRL/NY Chapters will co-sponsor a symposium at SUNY New Paltz on Friday, March 21, 1997.

"New York Academic Libraries Collaborating for the Future" will feature ACRL President Bill Miller as the keynote speaker. This day long program will also include panel presentations.

Public transportation (train or bus) is available to New Paltz.If you are interested in more information about the program, please contact one of the co-chairs: Lois Cherepon, 718-390-4521, or Lynne King, 518-270-3106. We're looking forward to a day of lively presentations on a timely topic of interest to all New York academic librarians. Look for details and program brochures in 1997.

    Lois Cherepon, Co-Chair
    ACRL/NY Spring Symposium Planning Committee

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