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ACRL/NY Symposium 2001
Learning Outcomes Assessment: A Step Forward 

Kyzyl Fenno-Smith

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Speaker biography

Kyzyl Fenno-Smith is an Information Services Librarian at Baruch College's Newman Library where she chairs the Department's Curriculum Committee and is active in faculty development and information competency programs. Prior to joining the Baruch faculty in 1999, she was Coordinator of Library Instruction at Pierce College in Washington State. Professor Fenno-Smith was a recipient of the ACRL Instruction Section Innovation in Instruction Award (1997) for her contributions to An Abilities Model of Library Instruction at Pierce College. She has designed and taught courses in Information Studies and Women's Studies and has experience in curricular development and outcomes assessment. Her teaching and research interests are interdisciplinary with an emphasis on knowledge construction and assessment as learning.

Presentation abstract

"Assessment as Learning: Self, Peer, and Classroom Assessment Strategies for Information Competency Curricula."

This speaker will briefly discuss the process of developing curriculum using information competency (IC) principles, with an emphasis on writing learning objectives and the design of instruction based on the learning objectives. Her primary emphasis will be on teaching and assessing IC learning objectives. She will discuss a variety of techniques including student-to-student (peer assessment), reflective writing and portfolio self-assessment, and developing a synthesis of learning/teaching/assessment in the classroom.