Liz Bishoff

Liz Bishoff is currently the Vice President, Digital Collection and Metadata Service, OCLC. Previously she was Executive Director of the Colorado Digitization Program. Liz has worked with libraries and museums in Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, New Mexico, and California on various aspects of their collaborative digitization initiatives. Liz has led the development of collaborative best practices in metadata, including the recently released Western States Metadata Dublin Core Best Practices.

Previously Liz was Vice President, Member Services at OCLC. Her responsibilities include management of OCLC relationships with external organizations, including the national libraries, professional library-related organizations and government relations.

Liz has extensive experience in public libraries. She was the principal librarian for Support Services at Pasadena (California) Public Library. Additionally she has been a medium size public library director, school media specialist, and cataloger in her 33 year library career. She has taught in the graduate library programs at Dominican University (formerly Rosary College) and Emporia State University.

Liz is currently a member of the ALA Council and is a past ALA Treasurer and former member of the ALA Board.

Liz holds an MLS from Rosary College, and has post-graduate work in public administration at Roosevelt University.